What is the ARC?

The Abstinence Resource Center (The ARC) is designed to provide public and private schools, and community organizations with dynamic speakers, small group curriculum, and professional educational materials on how to deal with today’s outside pressures, teach youth about sex and how to be truly safe by choosing abstinence. The ARC is based out of the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas of Minnesota.

Each school year we speak to approximately 18,000 students! Our speaker team shares this inspiring message of abstinence through more than 450 presentations at an average of 66 different schools/venues each year.

After an ARC presentation, 43% of students who said they had previously been sexually active or undecided about being sexually active indicated a changed heart towards choosing or reconsidering abstinence.

Our Mission

The Abstinence Resource Center exists in order to empower students to choose abstinence until marriage, by providing dynamic speakers and relevant resources that affirm abstinence as the safest and most beneficial option.

Our Services

  • Abstinence Speakers - We have a team of 12 dynamic speakers who share facts and stats as well as real life stories, seeking to inspire youth about how choosing abstinence will benefit and impact their lives now as well as in the future.
  • Small Group Curriculum and Group Facilitation