What People are Saying

Student Quotes

“Thanks for coming in it was great to actually hear the real truth about sex.” Student Wayzata HS

“She was a good speaker and I enjoyed it, it also helped me figure out what I wanted and I want to wait.” Student Stillwater Area HS

“The presentation really opened my eyes and put staying celibate until marriage into consideration… your presentation really impacted my life” Female, 13

“I wouldn’t change anything about it I’m just mad that she came late because I already lost my virginity and if I hadn’t I would’ve waited for sure.” Female, 15

“You are very inspiring; you have already helped me from many mistakes I would make.” Male, 16

“I liked how she let us know about our choices on deciding to have sex or wait and didn’t make you feel bad if you were sexually active.” Female, 17

“The guest speaker was beyond excellent. The message was loud and clear.” Female, 15

“I really feel connected to her and she is a great speaker.” Female, 13

“I wish I could’ve recorded it and played it for the people I know.” Male, 16

“I used to feel like it would be almost a bad thing if I got married when I was 30 and was still a virgin, but Molly’s choice made me feel a lot better about my own and strengthened my resolve to stand by my morals.” Female, 18

“She said that there are guys out there that choose to not have sex and those are the real men. Those are guys that girls should marry. It made me feel good.” Male, 17

“I think they should do these presentations all around Minnesota” Female, 13

“It was GREAT. I hope they do this every year.” Male,13

“Thank you for coming & giving us that presentation. Now I really want to wait till I get married.” Female, 17

“Best school speaker I’ve ever had to speak to my class.” Female, 16

“This message will stay with me forever. (And I like how it connected to my faith). Thank you!” Female, 15


Teacher Quotes


Would you recommend the ARC?

“I would welcome this speaker and organization to any appropriate setting.” Johnson High School

“Yes, absolutely!” Bethany Academy

“Yes- she did a great job and the kids really respected her message! They even felt comfortable to ask her questions. Great.” Coon Rapids Middle School

“Yes, it’s the highlight of our sexuality curriculum!” Chaska Middle School

“Yes, she was great and removed the awkwardness of the topic.” Calvary Baptist


What did you like?

“Relating to the students! Powerful messages! Storytelling as a teaching tool! Knowledge of material!” Champlin Park High School

“His ability to present the material in a way that kept student interest.” Compass Program


Other Feedback

Molly Sanborn – National Speaker – Former ARC Speaker

“I will forever be indebted to the ARC as the program that not only helped me get established as a speaker but taught me how to relate to and impact young people. Though I am traveling full time now as a national speaker, I will never forget the classroom experiences. My favorite part and what I believe is most valuable, is the intimate setting that allows for students to be open and honest with their questions and comments. I love doing assemblies and conferences, but there is something missing from that setting – the ability to conduct a two-way conversation. ARC speakers have the ability to approach this touchy subject in a way allows students to feel heard and valued. I’ll never forget one of my first times presenting for the ARC, a student tracked me down during lunch thanking me for coming telling me that the timing couldn’t have been better as she was within days of making what she knows now would have been a very regrettable decision.

Through the 5 years that I spoke for the ARC and the literally thousands of emails I replied to, I saw countless lives impacted. I am still in touch with some students who heard me speak 3, 4 and 5 years ago. A 45 minute class period may not seem like a lot of time, but the stories in my inbox tell me otherwise. Laura, now in her 3rd year of college, still keeps in touch with me, sometimes asking for advice but often just checking in to remind me that one class period changed her life.

I enthusiastically recommend the ARC for any school and I strongly encourage those with means to support this program.”