Effectiveness of Program

  • Each school year we speak to approximately 18,000 students in the Twin Cities and surrounding area.
  • Our speaker team shares this inspiring message of abstinence through more than 450 presentations at an average of 66 different schools/venues each year.
  • After an abstinence presentation, students indicated that 55% of them had made a decision to choose abstinence until marriage and 4% indicated that they had made a choice of secondary virginity.
  • After an ARC presentation, 43% of students who said they had previously been sexually active or undecided about being sexually active indicated a changed heart towards choosing or reconsidering abstinence.
  • After sexually active teens watched an ARC presentation, only 24% of those teens reported that they still want to be sexually active.
  • After youth who were undecided about their sexual choices saw an ARC presentation, nearly 1/3 of them chose abstinence or secondary virginity.